The 5 MPs who have been suspended since June’s snap election

In six months, no fewer than five MPs have been suspended from their respective parties.

Since June, Labour is down three MPs and the Conservatives are down two. Which members have been suspended and why?

1. Anne Marie Morris

Since July, Morris has been operating as an Independent MP. The Newton Abbot MP was suspended from the Conservative Party for making a racist remark revealed by a recording in the Huffington Post. She later apologised, but remains an independent MP.

According to Devon Live, at the start of November, there was talk of her having the whip restored, however, her own office has denied the suggestion.

2. Jared O’Mara

O’Mara began his political career as the man who unseated a former deputy prime minister, but in September, he was suspended by the Labour party.

According to the Guardian, his suspension was a result of homophobic and sexist remarks. The first set of allegations were that he made offensive online posts over a decade ago, for which he has apologised, but this was followed by allegations of a more recent event where he called a woman “an ugly b***h”. He has denied the more recent allegation, as reported in the Guardian.

3. Kelvin Hopkins

Hopkins was the first of three MPs to be suspended in the month of November.

At the start of the month, an exclusive Telegraph story revealing sexual harassment claims against the Luton North MP led to his suspension from the Labour party. One month on, he remains an independent.

4. Charlie Elphicke

One day later, the Conservative MP for Dover was suspended from the parliamentary party following “serious” allegations made to the police, as reported in the Independent.

Elphicke tweeted that his party told the media of their decision to suspend him before telling Mr Elphicke himself.


5. Ivan Lewis

Three weeks later, the third Labour MP since June was suspended by the party. The Bury South MP, Ivan Lewis had the whip removed following accusations of sexual harassment. According to the BBC, the MP, who has been in parliament since Tony Blair’s election landslide in 1997, said that:

"I am deeply saddened to hear of my suspension ... I strongly dispute the allegations."