4 songs in the Commons - from Man’s Not Hot to Ode to Joy

James Cleverly MP

Which MPs have shown off their musical knowledge and/or talents in the House of Commons chamber?

1. Big Shaq

The latest in a line of musical references occurred at the end of November when new Labour MP Fiona Onasanya referenced rapper’s Big Shaq’s “Man’s Not Hot” during Philip Hammond’s budget statement, as reported by the BBC.

Addressing the Commons, she said:

"There was no extra money in the Budget for the education system. It is not as simple as saying, 'two plus two is four, minus three is one - quick maths’.””

2. Stormzy

Stormzy has also recently gotten a mention in the UK’s highest political chamber.

According NME, another new Labour MP Sarah Jones referenced Stormzy in her maiden speech back in June.

Unlike Onasanya, Jones’ remark was less subtle as she named the grime star directly:

“As Croydon’s Stormzy put so well in one of his songs: ‘You’re never too big for the boot’.”

3. Star Spangled Banner

This one is perhaps in a league of its own. In July last year, London Conservative MP James Cleverly sang the United States of America’s national anthem in the chamber.

It’s not as strange as it sounds…or is it?

His musical rendition was given during a debate about the 300th anniversary of the Royal Artillery when talking about the War of 1812, as reported by the Mirror, a regiment in which Cleverly served.

James Cleverly MP

4. Ode to Joy

In early 2017, SNP MPs joined together to sing “Ode to Joy” in the chamber during a Brexit debate, an act that was followed by a swift telling off from the Deputy Speaker, as reported in the Independent.

The parliamentary party sang Ode to Joy as a sign of their opposition towards Brexit, as the 200-year-old song by Beethoven is used as the anthem of the European Union.