5 things you need to know about Zimbabwe's Emmerson Mnagagwa

Robert Mugabe

Interim President of Zimbabwe now Mugabe has stepped down - here's 5 things you need to know about Emmerson Mnagagwa.

The Crocodile

It's been an open secret in Zimbabwe for years now that Emmerson Mnagagwa, previously vice-president to Robert Mugabe, has been keen to take over upon Mugabe stepping down. He's nicknamed 'the Crocodile' in political circles due to his political cunning. His faction of supporters are known as 'Lacoste.'


During the civil war of the 1980s, Mnagagwa because the country's spymaster - after he also helped to direct the country's war of liberation from the British Empire in the 60s and 70s.

When was he born?

The exact year of the Crocodile's birth isn't actually known, but he's thought to be around twenty years younger than his predecessor, putting him in his mid-70s. 75 is the most cited estimation.

Family man

Zimbabwe's interim President has 9 children. When it comes to their accounts of Mnagagwa, they have mixed emotions - some of his children have called him a 'softie,' whereas others have referred to him as 'very strict.' The mixed views of the Crocodile have spilled into his political life - whilst Zanu-PF are marketing him as a fresh, kinder face than Mugabe, many of his opponents think otherwise.

Ice Cream

Mnagagwa fell ill during a rally earlier this year. As he was airlifted to South Africa for urgent medical attention, conspiracy theorists suggested that the Crocodile had been poisoned by ice cream he had eaten at an event. Mnagagwa mentioned the plot during his acceptance speech - and other plans to 'eliminate' him.