7 favourite Conservative cabinet ministers to leave after Patel

Michael Fallon and Priti Patel are out. Who are the favourites to next leave the cabinet?

7th – Justine Greening

First elected in 2005, Greening has served in several key government positions. Before her current role as Education Secretary, she served as International Development Secretary and before that Transport Secretary. During last year’s EU membership referendum, she backed the remain campaign.

Ladbrokes currently offer odds of 12/1 for her to be the next cabinet minister to leave.

6th – David Davis

David Davis returned to government last year after Theresa May came to power, and has served as the Brexit Secretary ever since. He is often seen as a potential replacement leader if May steps aside – or is pushed – but right now his main job is to secure a good exit deal from the EU.

It’s difficult to imagine Davis going now, but if Brexit negotiations fail to get off the ground, May could replace him in order to reboot exit talks. Ladbrokes odds: 12/1.

5th – Theresa May

That’s right, the current PM is the fifth favourite Conservative to leave the cabinet if the bookies are to be believed.

For now, May’s position looks secure, but a failure to deliver in key areas such as Brexit in the coming months could finally trigger the leadership contest that has been expected since her failed bid to boost her party’s majority in June. Ladbrokes currently offer 10/1 for the PM to be the next to go.

4th – Philip Hammond

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the fourth favourite Conservative cabinet member to leave after Priti Patel’s and Michael Fallon’s respective departures. His odds? 8/1. With the Daily Mail reporting that Michael Gove could be eyeing up the chancellorship, is time running out for Philip Hammond to deliver?

3rd – Patrick McLoughlin

McLoughlin regularly features as a Ladbrokes favourite to depart the cabinet. Before May took over as party leader, he served as Cameron’s transport secretary for four years. Since last July, he has served as the Conservative Party Chairman and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. His odds of being the next cabinet member to go are 6/1.

2nd – Boris Johnson

Unsurprisingly, considering the number of high-profile gaffes in the past few months, the Foreign Secretary is the second favourite cabinet minister to be the next to go. Under any other circumstances, it’s difficult to imagine that Boris Johnson would not have been sacked a while ago, but in Brexit Britain, where Johnson is viewed as a Brexit-leader and Theresa May is in such a weak position, Johnson is unlikely to go any time soon. Johnson’s odds currently stand at 5/1.

1st – Damian Green

Until recently, Green would be an unlikely choice to top a list of favourite cabinet ministers to go, but that was before recent allegations that the country’s de facto Deputy Prime Minister, had porn on his government computer. According to the BBC, an investigation is underway.

The odds of Green being the next cabinet minister to leave are 3/1.

The full list of Ladbrokes odds can be viewed here. All referenced odds were accurate on the 16th November 2017.