Could Joe Biden be the next US President?

The former Democrat VP hasn't ruled out running in 2020.

Joe Biden, former Democrat Vice President under Barack Obama, is reportedly considering a run against Donald Trump in the 2020 election. He ruled out a run in 2016, instead leaving the door open for Hillary Clinton, as son Beau tragically died of brain cancer.

But could the nation's favourite meme be the next President?

He reportedly backs himself

According to Politico, Biden has been privately telling friends that he's the only Democrat who could beat Donald Trump in 2020. This may be true; his popularity was immense during Obama's tenure and has only risen with nostalgia since Trump took over. Reportedly, Biden sees himself as an experienced statesman who could draw a contrast with Trump.

He hasn't ruled it out

Unlike Obama, Biden has stayed in and around politics since leaving his post in November. He's often-found on University campuses, giving speeches critical of the current President - this is seen in many political spheres as evidence that he's eyeing up a run at the Presidency.

He's critical of Hillary Clinton

According to the Independent, Biden has had 'stern words for Clinton.' Purportedly, he was never a major supporter of the failed Democrat candidate for the Presidency, although he campaigned relentlessly for her whilst on the campaign trail. 

On Sunday, an interview between Biden and Oprah Winfrey in which Biden admitted that he regrets never being President - believing that he had a lot of potential and so many things he wanted to achieve. Biden will be 76 by the time the next Presidential election comes around, just 2 years older than Trump will be at that time.