Plurality of voters want Boris Johnson sacked, says poll

A new YouGov/Times poll asked respondents what they thought the prime minister should do with senior cabinet members.

The YouGov poll (7th - 8th November) suggests that 44% of voters think the foreign secretary should be sacked while just 26% said they thought he should remain in his job.

Out of just Conservative voters, 49% want him to stay in place, significantly ahead of the 31% who want him gone.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson was popular with leavers and unpopular with remainers. 44% of leavers said they wanted him to stay foreign secretary, a number that contrasts heavily with the 67% of remain voters who said he should be replaced.

The poll also asked about seven other key cabinet figures including Priti Patel who resigned from cabinet on Wednesday (the poll was conducted just before her resignation).

YouGov’s findings indicate that voters are most happy with the performances of Amber Rudd, David Davis and Philip Hammond, with 30% of respondents for each saying they should stay in place. The cabinet member that Conservative voters were most likely to say should stay in place was David Davis. A striking 61% of such voters said he should remain Brexit secretary.

The poll also put support for the Conservative party on 40% - level with their total three weeks ago. It also puts Labour on 43% (up one percentage point) and the Liberal Democrats on 6% (down one point).

It also indicates that 42% of voters think Theresa May should remain as Conservative Party leader ahead of the 32% who disagree. The gap has widened considerably since the start of October when there was only one point between those wanting her to go and those wanting her to stay.

The full results of the YouGov/Times poll can be viewed here.

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