This government is losing the political game on three key fronts

Theresa May’s minority government is going through a serious period of turmoil. This government faces more than just a battle with the opposition.

1. The EU

Time is running out for the government when it comes to the UK government's handling of the Brexit negotiations. There is a year and a half to go until the UK leaves the union, but limited progress has actually been made.

According to the BBC, EU sources say that “withdrawal issues” - including the divorce bill – need to be sorted in the coming weeks to move on to other issues. Brexit is the big challenge of our political age, and so far, the government has struggled to move forward on the issue. On top of this, the Times recently reported that the EU is making preparations for the end of May’s government. When it comes the UK government’s relationship with the EU, winning is not the word one would you would use to describe it.

2. Internal struggles

Internal party disagreements and disputes have played a significant role in giving Britain a vote on EU membership, and continues to shake the government to this day. The recent resignation of Priti Patel and Michael Fallon have damaged the government’s reputation. Patel’s resignation and Williamson’s promotion each signal that the PM is no longer steering the ship. When it comes to party unity and executive control,  May is losing the battle.

3. The opposition

Before the election, Theresa May looked set to become one of the country’s greatest ever election winners, following in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. Now, she looks weak, and is under constant attack from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, which continues to lead in the polls.

Corbyn has a newfound air of confidence about him, most notably shown during post-election heated sessions of PMQs. An election is not scheduled until 2022, but with the way things are currently going, a new vote could lead to a quick end to Conservative-rule.

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