Sunday's political round-up: the week in 7 tweets

The last few weeks have been a roller-coaster ride in politics. Here are seven key tweets that sum up the last week.

1. Priti Patel’s resignation

On Wednesday, after days of speculation about Priti Patel’s future, the then Secretary of State for International Development met with the prime minister and announced her resignation from the cabinet. Her resignation marks the second departure from the cabinet in a week, with Michael Fallon quitting as defence secretary and being replaced by Gavin Williamson just one week before.


2. Penny Mordaunt steps up

On Thursday, after much speculation, Penny Mordaunt was announced as Patel’s replacement. Mordaunt is an experienced minister and a committed Brexiterr. She is certainly one to watch for the future.


3. Donald Trump’s tweet from China

Twitter is banned in China, but that did not stop the US president from using his favourite medium to reach out via the social media site, as reported by Sky News. He tweeted his thanks to China while visiting the country on his Asian tour as can be seen below.


4. Jeremy Corbyn’s letter to the prime minister

According to the Guardian, the Labour leader is fighting for £1bn to be used to add sprinklers to high-rises buildings across Britain. The leader of the opposition’s letter to the PM can be viewed below.


5. The generational tipping point?

One narrative that has dominated talks about the future of the Conservative government in the last few years the need for fresh faces in the cabinet and a push for MPs first elected in one of the last few elections. Matt Chorely of the Times tweeted a fascinating Red Box diagram showing how the balance is moving in the direction of MPs first elected in 2010 and later.


6. Willie Rennie Willie Rennie ;)

One massive development in the social media this week came in the form of Twitter allowing its users to post tweets containing up to 280 characters – up from 140.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie took advantage of this by posting the following tweet:


7. Germany coalition talks

Ever since Germany’s election at the end of September, figures from the centre-right CDU/CSU, the environmental Greens and the liberal, pro-market FDP have been in coalition talks. According to the Independent, they have made a big step towards forming a government.