What's next for Nick Clegg?

5 months after losing his fight for re-election, Matt Gillow asks; what's next for Nick Clegg?

In a surprise turn of events, former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg lost his parliamentary seat to Jared O'Mara. Since then, he's been uncharacteristically quiet - so we thought it would be a good idea to examine what his next steps could be.

Game Shows

Nick Clegg has previously appeared on panel shows such as Mock the Week during his time as an MP. Now he's unemployed, he could certainly build up his career again by making public appearances. Alternatively, he could go down the Ed Balls reality TV route - I'm A Celebrity, anyone?

Charity Work

Clegg could certainly follow the footsteps of his coalition partner David Cameron, who stepped down as an MP just over a year ago and has actively pursued charitable works since - he's Chairman of the National Citizen Service and President of Alzheimer's Research Society. Clegg has been active in championing social causes during his career and this could be a good route.


During his time as an MP, Clegg profited from a monthly column in the Independent newspaper - earning a reported sum of £300 per article. With the waves George Osborne has been making since turning to an editorial career, Clegg may be seeing an opportunity to still have a hand in politics.

House of Lords

Rumours of a move to the Lords have circulated since Clegg's unseating, as fans clamour for his return to politics. This would be a rogue move, however, given Clegg's career-long opposition to much of the Upper House and campaigns for Lords reform.

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