What has David Cameron been up to?

It's just over a year since the former PM stepped down as MP for Witney - what has he been up to since?

Since the EU referendum and the political chaos of the past year or so, David Cameron has remained very much out of the limelight. Unlike George Osborne, his respect for the government has won him plaudits - but what has he been up to since resigning from the top job?

President of Alzheimer's Research UK

Cameron said he was 'delighted' to become President of the Charity, as it's a cause close to his heart. Since stepping down, he has called on government to fulfil a pledge made whilst he was in office - to increase funding for Dementia charities and research.

That £800,000 book deal

Cameron signed a deal with publisher HarperCollins worth £800,000, and promised to give a 'frank' account of his time in office, the decisions he took and why he took them.

The account will also discuss the challenges of raising a young family in Downing Street.

National Citizen Service

During office, Cameron established the National Citizen Service (NCS) a skills programme for teenagers. He's become Chairman of the NCS since stepping down and plans to oversee the expansion of the programme.

Cameron plans on bringing together member of all parties to help the scheme reach more people than ever.

After Dinner Speeches

Just like old friend George Osborne, the Washington Speakers Bureau wasted no time in snapping up the former PM - listing him on their site as 'one of the most prominent global influencers of the 21st Century.' The agency reportedly earned George Osborne £500,000 in just two months time. Cameron is being pitched to customers as excelling in 'leadership during difficult times.'





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