3 ridiculous costs in the NHS

NHS Hospital

As the BBC reports that internal fraud costs the NHS £1billion per year, we look at the most ridiculous mistakes in the National Health Service.

Earlier this week, the BBC reported that 'despicable fraud costs the NHS £1billion per year.' (LINK NEEDED) Sue Frith, head of the NHS' anti-fraud body has claimed a crackdown on these sorts of acts - and when you look at how ridiculous some of them are, we can see it's very much needed.


Payroll fraud has been said to be costing the NHS and therefore the taxpayer £90million a year. This is, essentially, staff claiming for work they are not entitled to - the most shocking figure included dentists claiming an estimated £70million for work on patients that they hadn't actually done.


Patient fraud - said by Ms Frith to include patients wrongly claiming for exemptions for healthcare that they weren't entitled to, costs the NHS over £200million per year. That's one-third of the total wage cost for ambulance staff, lost due to lack of scrutiny on exemption applications.


Back in 2015, the Telegraph reported a breakdown of NHS costs and losses. One of the most eye-catching was the bill for aspirin and pills which are available over the counter in pharmacies. According to the report, prescribing pills which were easily accessible to patients cost the NHS £112million - similar to the amount lost in patient fraud.