Brexit attitudes have hardly changed in a year, suggests poll

A new YouGov poll suggests that compared to one year ago on a range of issues related to the UK’s exit from the EU, the voting public has barely shifted its attitude.

A year ago, YouGov conducted research looking into voters’ views towards the EU and the Brexit process and how it could affect the UK. One year later, the polling firm looked into the matter again only to discover that very little has changed.

The new poll found that 42% of poll respondents said that the UK was right to leave compared to the 44% who said the country was wrong to walk towards the exit. The figures one year ago were 45% and 44% respectively. The share of respondents saying that the UK made the right decision is down by three points, but those three points have shifted into the “don’t know” row, suggesting that very little has changed.

Furthermore, on that particular question, 86% of leavers said the UK was right to leave while 88% of remainers said the opposite. This indicates that most people are set in their way, and that opinions on the issue have barely changed since to vote to exit the union.

In terms of people’s views on Brexit’s impact on the economy in the short term, the poll indicates that little has changed. The same can be said for views on crime, society, the price of food and groceries, personal finances, the cost of weekly shops, access to public services and respondents’ own jobs.

However, there were three areas in which the new poll detects significant changes from one year ago:

  1. 38% said they thought British companies would do worse outside the EU – up from 31% a year ago.
  2. 36% of respondents said they thought that laws passed by the British parliament and the way the country is governed would be better outside the union – down from 41%.
  3. As for the prospect of Scotland leaving the UK because of Brexit, 35% said they thought it was now more likely down from the 43% that said this one year ago. This is hardly surprising considering that SNP support slumped in June and the three unionist parties all made advances.

The full results of both polls can be accessed here. The most recent poll was conducted by YouGov 19th – 20th October 2017, and was released on the 2nd November 2017. 

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