7 most unpopular presidents a year after election – what about Trump?

It’s been almost one whole year since Donald Trump was elected to the office of President of the United States. How does he compare to other presidents one year on from their respective first elections?

FiveThirtyEight’s collection of polling data since the end of World War Two allows us to estimate the most unpopular presidents since World War Two one year after first getting elected (Day 292).

7th – Richard Nixon

One year after Richard Nixon was elected (following his second election bid as he lost the first to John F. Kennedy eight years before), his net approval rating was 27.3%. This is relatively high, putting him as only the seventh most unpopular president one year after election dince World War Two. It also makes him the seventh most popular president at this stage – putting him bang in the middle of the one year on from election league table.

6th - Jimmy Carter

Despite being a one-term president, one year after his election Carter had a relatively high net approval rating of 24.4%. Carter is one of five ex-presidents still alive today – the others being both Bush presidents, Obama and Clinton.

5th - Ronald Reagan

This two-time Republican president reached this point in his presidency with a net approval rating of 18.4%. He was known for cutting taxes and promoting a smaller role for the government in the US economy.

4th - Barack Obama

With a net approval rating of 9.2%, Barack Obama was the fourth most unpopular presidency one year on from election. The most recent Democratic president is known for his healthcare reforms, reviving the US economy after the 2008 crash and much more.

3rd - Bill Clinton

One year on from Clinton’s election, his net approval ratings stood at 3.5%. This Democrat went on to win a second term at the 1996 election while Jimmy Carter, who had much higher approval ratings at this stage in the presidency failed to win re-election. Clinton is known for his third-wayism, and the fact he was impeached by the House of Representatives (but was later acquitted by the Senate). His rating makes him the least popular Democrat on this list.

2nd - Gerald Ford

This Republican took over after the failed presidency of Richard Nixon so it is perhaps unsurprising that his ratings are so low. Technically Ford's net approval rating of -6.7% is his score only 292 days after becoming president, not one year after his election due to the unusual circumstances of his ascension to the presidency. That said, at this stage in each president’s respective reign, Ford is the second most unpopular president since World War Two.

1st - Donald Trump

The current US president is the least popular holder of the office at this stage in the presidency. His aggregate net approval rating is -18.4% (as of the 3rd November), meaning that there is some distance between the incumbent and second-placed Gerald Ford. Does this mean Trump’s re-election bid will fail to get off the ground come 2020? As stated, the numbers one year on from election are not the best predictor of future success – just look at Jimmy Carter’s impressive store – however, they certainly will not help his chances.

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