6 most popular presidents one year after election – what about Trump?

These are six most popular US presidents one year on from their respective elections.

6th – Dwight Eisenhower

Only a handful of US presidents have been elected to the country’s top job without holding prior elected office. Eisenhower, the former war general, was one of them as is incumbent President Donald Trump. One year on from his first election, Eisenhower’s net rating was 36%, according to data collected by FiveThirtyEight.

5th – George H. W. Bush

After four years as Ronald Reagan’s VP, Bush stepped up, won the Republican nomination and secured the presidency. One year after his election in November 1988, Bush’s net approval rating stood at 37.7%.

4th – Harry S. Truman

After three full terms in office, Democratic giant Franklin D. Roosevelt secured a fourth term, however, months into his historic new spell in office he passed away, handing the presidential baton to VP Harry S. Truman. One year in, Truman had a net approval rating of 40.8%.

3rd – Lyndon B. Johnson

Okay, we know that Johnson was not elected and that he took over following Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963, but data for him is 292 days after he first took over – the same number of days into the presidency that we have noted for each other post-war president. Johnson’s net approval rating at this stage of his presidency was 59% making him the third most popular president at this stage in the presidential cycle.

2nd – John F. Kennedy

Kennedy defeated Republican candidate Richard Nixon in November 1960 and became president the following January. He was elected on a wave of optimism, which carried through into his presidency and approval ratings right up until his assassination over fifty years ago. At this stage in his presidency, his net approval rating was a strikingly high 65.4%.

1st – George W. Bush

The most recent US Republican president until Donald Trump, was George W. Bush. Bush tops this list with a staggeringly high net approval rating of 75%. Why? Until September 2001, Bush had moderately high net approval ratings, generally between 10% and 30%, however, following the tragic 9/11 terror attacks, Bush's net approval ratings sky-rocketed in what has been described as a rally round the flag effect.

His ratings eventually subsided and continued to plummet until he left office. His lowest net rating was -45.7%.

How does Donald Trump compare?

Out of all the presidents since World War Two, Donald Trump is the least popular at this point of the presidency. The only other president to have a negative rating at this stage is Gerald Ford.

All data referenced is from FiveThirtyEight and can be accessed here.