In light of the awful Westminster sleaze scandals, a slight reshuffle, and changing views, we look at the current bookies favourite for the Tory leadership.

Michael Fallon, in light of recent sleaze revelations, has stepped down from his post as Secretary of State for Defence – replaced by Chief Whip Gavin Williamson. So, as the table changes and Theresa May sits dumbfounded about claims against senior cabinet colleagues – we examine who the movers and shakers are to be the next leader:

(1) – David Davis

The Secretary of State for Exiting the EU still sits at the top of the pile to replace the Prime Minister – arguably surprising due to his age, and the fact that the Brexit debate still rages on. Popular amongst the party faithful for his classical liberal views – Davis will need to work hard to ensure his reputation isn’t tarnished during negotiations. That is to say, that it hasn’t already. (Bet365, 5/1.)

(2) – Boris Johnson

Will his star ever fall? After a controversial Party conference and that Telegraph article laying out his ‘plans for Brexit,’ Boris Johnson still remains a firm favourite to take the reins. Arguably, this is due to his distance from the sleaze scandals – many Conservatives will be having the recurrent ‘would Boris really be that bad?’ thoughts. (13/2, Bet365 – 6/1, SkyBet.)

(3) – Andrea Leadsom

Really? I hear you ask. After that disastrous last run at the leadership, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Leadsom does still hold some support in the Party. As Leader of the Commons, she’ll be tasked with much of the Westminster ‘clean-up,’ and so could gain some much needed credibility. She still falls below the usual suspects (Rudd, Hammond, Mogg – who Bet365 have level with Davis and Johnson) but Leadsom herself could be quietly confident that she’s seeing a resurgence in popularity. (14/1, SkyBet.)

(4) – Dom Raab

Ardent Brexiteer popular with the Party faithful, Raab and Mogg are the firm favourites from outside the current cabinet crop. With rumours swirling about a major cabinet shake-up to bring in a ‘transition’ cabinet, Raab could soon be seeing his chance. Despite the recent popularity of James Cleverly and Tom Tugendhat, Raab is still the big boy of the ‘next generation.’ (14/1, SkyBet.)

(5) – Gavin Williamson

Welcome to the game, Gavin Williamson. In the papers today; Chief Whip takes the step up to the table. Newly crowned Secretary of State for Defence, Williamson will be visualising his star rising – House of Cards style. Popular within the Party due to his great knock at a hard task – that is, shepherding the Party through a multitude of Brexit votes – Williamson will be one to watch in the coming months. (Bet365, 10/1.)