5 things you need to know about Sajid Javid

MP for Bromsgrove and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. But who IS Sajid Javid?

In the never-ending Westminster rumor mill, Sajid Javid is one of many names swirling around in contention for the next Tory leader. MP for Bromsgrove and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government - here are five things you need to know about him:

(1) He used to be a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank

Son of a bus driver, brought up in Rochdale - Javid rose to become not only a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, but the youngest ever Vice-President of Chase Manhattan - working mostly in and around South America. As well as this, he spent a period in Singapore as Deutsche Bank's Head of Private Equity Businesses in Asia.

(2) He's had several Ministerial roles

His experience doesn't stop at Local Government. Unlike many of the candidates for future Premierships, Javid is well-versed in government. He's been a Financial Secretary and an Economic Secretary to the Treasury - as well as Minister for Equalities, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

(3) He's a strong supporter of Israel

At a Conservative Friends of Israel lunch in 2012, Javid suggested if he had to leave the UK for the Middle East, he would move to Israel. Only there, he said, would his 'childen feel the warm embrace of freedom and liberty.' 

(4) He stood on a 'joint ticket' in the 2015 leadership race

In Stephen Crabbe's failed leadership bid following David Cameron's resignation - he announced he would stand on a 'joint ticket' with Javid becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer were he to win. Crabbe's bid ultimately failed, as he withdrew before the second ballot after securing only 34 votes.

(5) He has a photo of Maggie Thatcher in his office

Javid, the first Asian man to be given a full-time post in the Cabinet, cites Thatcher as his political inspiration. On his promotion to the Treasury, he rejected an offer for art works from government, and instead personalised his office walls with a portrait of the former Prime Minister.

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