Poll: Labour ahead of the Tories, but May trusted on Brexit

A new YouGov/Times poll shows that Labour is continuing to lead in the polls.

The latest YouGov/Times poll, conducted between the 23rd and 24th October and released on Friday, puts Labour on 43% of the vote, two points ahead of the Conservatives who are on 41%. The poll also suggests that 7% of Brits would back the Liberal Democrats while 4% would support the SNP or Plaid Cymru, 3% UKIP and 2% the Green Party.

The poll reveals little change in the week since the previous YouGov/Times poll, which put the Conservatives on 40%, Labour on 42% and the Liberal Democrats on 8% - all in all not a statistically significant shift in opinion. The new poll shows that Labour continues to lead with remain voters (53%) and that the Conservatives lead with leave-backers (60%).

The new poll also asked voters for their opinion on who they trust most on negotiating Brexit out of the two main party leaders. 32% picked Theresa May, significantly ahead of the 17% who said they would trust Corbyn on negotiating the country’s departure from the union.

Overall, the winner on this question was “neither” with 33% picking that option, well ahead of the 3% that said both equally and the 15% who said they did not know.


In sum, the poll suggests that little has changed in the months since the election. Labour have a slight advantage, as shown in this poll, but the closeness in recent polls such as this one indicate that a Labour victory following the next election, while the media's narrative and the betting markets suggest it looks likely, is still going to be an uphill battle for Corbyn.

Two party politics has made a comeback, but can Labour emerge as the largest party next time around?

The full results of the YouGov poll can be accessed here.