Jacinda Ardern is 37. Here are the world’s youngest leaders

Who are the world’s youngest leaders? And how old are they?

The past week has seen the rise of two young leaders in liberal democracies ascending to two of the top jobs in world politics.

Now that New Zealand’s second-placed Labour have reached an agreement with New Zealand First and the Greens, Jacinda Ardern, has become the 40th prime minister of New Zealand. Aged 37, she will be one of the world’s youngest heads of government. Who will she be joining?

7. Alexis Tsipras

Greece’s prime minister is 43 years old, and led the left-wing Syriza to two parliamentary victories in 2015 in a set of moves that upset European politics. His party won on the back of growing unrest over austerity in crash-hit Greece.

6. Charles Michel

Michel is the current prime minister of Belgium, having assumed office at the tail-end of 2014. Michel leads the country’s Reformist Movement Party, and is aged just 41.

5. Emmanuel Macron

A former Socialist government minister, Macron left Hollande’s administration and formed a pro-EU, centrist movement ahead of this year’s presidential election. In April, he won the first round then defeated the far-right’s Marine Le Penn two weeks later to become France’s youngest world leader since Napoleon. He will be 40 in December.

4. Juri Ratas

Following cabinet disagreements, Ratas becamE Estonia's 17th prime minister in November of last year. This centrist leader is also 39, and is just half a year younger than Emmanuel Macron.

3. Jacinda Ardern

Ardern, now officially prime minister, is the third youngest head of government in the world. Ardern’s story has been a remarkable one that has been compared to the surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn. She only became Labour leader a few months ahead of the election, but her party soon rose in the polls, and at the election received a massive jump in support. And thus, Jacinda-mania was born.

2. Kim Jong-un

North Korea’s leader is estimated to be around 34-years-old, giving him the second top-spot on this list. Following the death of his father, Kim has been North Korea’s head of government since 2011.

1. Sebastian Kurz

Aged 31, Kurz’s centre-right OVP emerged as the largest party in last week’s Austrian election. Kurz looks set to become the country’s chancellor, a move that will make him the world’s youngest leader.

Can he succeed or will his career be over by the time he’s 35?

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