7 favourite Tory MPs to be foreign secretary by 2018 - will Boris go?

Could Boris Johnson be sacked or will he resign? What does the future hold for Britain’s foreign office?

Boris Johnson’s position as foreign secretary looks far from secure. But who could replace him, if anyone? Here’s a list of the seven favourite Conservative MPs to be foreign secretary at the start of next year, based-off the Ladbrokes betting odds.

7th – Chris Grayling

The current transport secretary is the seventh favourite MP to be foreign secretary by the start of 2018. Since 2010 he has served in a variety of government roles including being the minister for employment as well as the justice secretary. His odds with Ladbrokes are 16/1.

6th – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Yes, that’s right, the Tory backbencher, who rose to prominence over the summer months, is the betting market’s sixth favourite to become foreign secretary by the start of next year. Rees-Mogg has never held a government role, but could Theresa May replace Johnson with this outsider and committed Brexiteer? His odds? 14/1.

5th – Michael Gove

After Theresa May’s embarrassing election backfire, Gove returned to the cabinet as the country’s environment secretary. His Ladbrokes odds to replace Johnson by the start of next year are 12/1.

4th – Amber Rudd

Rudd currently serves as the country’s home secretary, and has done since May’s ascent to power last July. Before June’s election, the Telegraph reported that Theresa May could replace Philip Hammond with Rudd, but as the outcome did not result in an increased majority the decision was never made. If May kicks out Johnson, could Rudd become her foreign office star? The odds of Rudd taking over are 12/1.

3rd – Rory Stewart

The current minister for international development, Stewart is the third favourite to become foreign secretary by the start of 2018. He has previously worked in diplomacy, something that could give him the edge when the next foreign secretary is considered. His odds? 10/1.

2nd – Michael Fallon

This University of St. Andrews alumni has served as the country’s defence secretary since 2014, being one of the few cabinet members to remain in place following Theresa May’s reshuffle. Philip Hammond moved from defence to the foreign office before becoming chancellor. Could Fallon do the same? His odds are 8/1.

1st – Boris Johnson

Despite talk of Brexit-related cabinet infighting, Boris Johnson is the favourite to be foreign secretary on the 1st January 2018. With that being just two months away, it looks likely Johnson will stay for now. But how long will he last after that? Will he be pushed out or will he make a move for the country’s top job? The odds of Johnson staying in place are 4/5 with Ladbrokes.

All odds can be accessed here and are accurate as of 26th October.

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