5 things you need to know about Tom Tugendhat

The charismatic Conservative MP has been tipped as a future Party leader - so what do we need to know about him?

Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative MP for Tonbridge and Malling, is young, charismatic, and described by many as a One-Nation Tory. But what do we need to know about the man who has been tipped as a future Party leader?

He has a military background

Tugendhat left the British Territorial army in 2013 - after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan on the Operations team. As an Officer, he also worked as assistant to the Chief of Defence staff. Tom was mobilized in the military as an intelligence officer to serve with the Royal Marines. He went in as part of Op TELIC, the invasion of Iraq.

He speaks Arabic

Part of the reason for Tom being mobilised to work on operations in Iraq was due to his ability to speak Arabic. After graduating from a Masters' degree in Islamics from the University of Cambridge, Tom travelled to Beirut to work as a journalist. As part of his studies, he spent time in Yemen learning the language.

He established one of Lebanon's first PR companies

His personal website says that, while in Lebanon, Tugendhat spotted a gap in the market and established one of the first PR companies in Lebanon - signing several major international clients. On returning to the UK, Tugendhat worked as a management consultant before moving on to energy analysis - to say he has had a varied career would be an understatement!

He has an MBE

Tom Tugendhat gained his MBE after being mobilised for his Afghanistan tour. He came off his final tour in 2009

He's involved with Dementia research

Tom is an active member of the Alzheimer's Society and a Dementia Friend. In addition, Tom was elected as the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. He also sits on the Speakers' Works of Art Committee of the House of Commons and is working on dementia issues during his time in office.

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