Poll: 64% back a 15-year time limit for House of Lords members

House Of Lords

A recent YouGov Live poll found that a significant majority favour a 15-year time limit for peers.

The future of Britain's upper-chamber has long been a source for debate. Even its least likely critics probably agree that the chamber is far too big. In fact, it is the largest upper-chamber in the world.

The BBC recently reported that Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow suggested cutting the number of peers to around 400. More recently, the Guardian reported that a House of Lords reported due to soon be released will suggest giving peers time limits, in an effort to reduce overcrowding in the chamber.

If such reports are true, this new YouGov live poll indicates that the public are largely in agreement.

The poll found that:

  • 64% back time limits
  • 8% oppose time limits
  • 28% said they did not know

Fifteen-year time limits were well received across the political spectrum. 70% of Conservatives voters said they were a good idea as did 64% of Labour voters. The largest split was by age, with 54% of 18-24-year-olds saying the move would be a good idea (6% bad idea, 40% don’t know) while 75% of those aged over 65 said they would support the move (10% bad idea, 15% don’t know).

There is no denying that the House of Lords needs reform. Numerous attempts and successes have been made over the years, but for the next set of reforms, the question is: is it time for a radical overhaul or will the government just tinker around the edges?

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