Brexit means breakfast: which politicians have made this gaffe?

This week’s PMQs was significant for a number of reasons, but one moment led to laughter across the chamber.

1. Ian Blackford

June saw Angus Robertson depart the House of Commons, a result that led to the SNP electing Ian Blackford MP as its new Westminster leader. It’s hard to deny that Blackford has not cut through the same way that Angus Robertson did before him, but his recent Commons gaffe has certainly resulted in a lot of media exposure.

During Wednesday’s session of PMQs, the SNP Westminster leader said:

“It has been reported that Scotland and the North-East of England would lose out from breakfastBrexit.”

His remark was followed by laughter, but he did eventually get to finish his question.

2. Andrew RT Davies

At last year’s Conservative Party conference, Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies made the same mistake.

Addressing the audience, the AM said:

“Conference, mark my words. We will make breakfast – Brexit – a success.”

3. John McDonnell

The breakfast-Brexit confusion has been present all over the British political spectrum.

After Davies’ gaffe at the Tory Party conference, the shadow chancellor made the same mistake – three times – at the Labour conference later that year, as reported by the Telegraph.

Which politician will be next to be hit by the Brexit-breakfast malfunction?

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