Xi Jinping hails 'a new era in Chinese politics'

At the opening of the 19th National Party Congress, Chinese President Xi Jinping heralded a new era in Chinese history.

In a speech that lasted nearly three and a half hours, China's President Xi Jinping claimed that 'a new era' was coming for Chinese politics.

The speech, during which Xi Jinping made several digs towards US President Donald Trump, will mark the beginning of his next five year term as the top man in China. In a major historical turnaround, China denounced America's growing isolationism and called for cooperation between nations - suggesting that 'no country can retreat to their own island.' 

He nodded towards scholarly views that we are on the verge of 'an Asian Century,' suggesting that China will become a global superpower by 2050. At the same time as denouncing isolationism, he also claimed that China had no interest in adopting Western systems of government, and talked tough against regions with growing independence movements. Some may claim parallels with the Brexit vote - and note China's 'global nationalism,' - discussing Xi Jinping's desire to be a strong nation in a cooperative world, similar to the Brexit MPs such as Boris Johnson are advocating. 

Continuing his speech, Xi Jinping turned China's attention to the environment and climate change. The speech will be seen as a new age of policy for China - and the most populated country in the world will be seen to be attempting to fill a void left by Trump's America as he pulls it out of global institutions.