A future Prime Minister - Who is James Cleverly?

He's tipped as a future Prime Minister, but how much do you know about the Member of Parliament for Braintree?

In Conservative activist circles, there's one name on everyone's lips: James Cleverly.

The MP for Braintree and former Territorial Army Officer is the darling of the grassroots and vocal about future leadership ambitions. He recently admitted to PoliticsHome that he would like to be Prime Minister - and for many, it's this honesty that makes him so appealing. But what do we need to know about this exciting political prospect?

At 48 years old, Cleverly is in the prime of his political career. Previously of the publishing industry - before his time in the Territorial Army - Cleverly was first elected to his seat with the 2015 cohort. 

Cleverly is known in some circles as an ally of Boris Johnson - despite recently supporting Theresa May in the national media and at Conservative Party Conference. During the recent failed leadership coup, Cleverly was outed in the media for directing somewhat inappropriate language at those members of his Party who were supporting the coup against the Prime Minister, notably Grant Shapps.

Recently, he was also at the centre of some controversies for saying he would 'snog' Theresa May, and admitting to previous recreational drug use - though for many in the Party grassroots who support the legalisation of marijuana, the Radio 5Live interview in which he made the admissions only served to increase his appeal.

With many clamouring for the next leader to be a fresh, younger face - could we soon be seeing Cleverly on the doorstep of number 10? Paddy Power has him at 20/1, making him the bookies backbench favourite, besides Jacob Rees-Mogg.


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