Seven facts you probably did not know about Amber Rudd

Here are seven key facts about the woman who could become Britain’s next prime minister.

1. Rudd is a direct descendent of Charles II

One month after Britain voted to leave the EU, the Daily Mail reported that Rudd is a “direct descendent” of the seventeenth century king. The paper reports that the relation can be traced all the way back to a relationship between Charles II and his mistress. It is also noted that she is Samantha Cameron’s very distant cousin.

2. Her freelance recruitment business

Well before being elected in 2010, Rudd started and ran her own “freelance recruitment business”, following a career in investment banking.

3. Four Weddings and a Funeral

According to the Guardian, Rudd worked as the “aristocracy coordinator” on the set of the hit British rom-com Four Weddings and a Funeral.

4. Her marginal seat

Rudd currently hold the Conservatives’ fifth most vulnerable seat, meaning that if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to become prime minister, he will probably need to take her South East seat of Hastings and Rye. She currently holds a majority of 346 votes over Labour.

5. Edinburgh University

Rudd is a graduate of one of Scotland’s oldest universities, having left the institution with a degree in history, according to the Telegraph. Gordon Brown is one of two former British prime ministers to have attended the university.

6. Rudd’s relationship

Last July, the Metro reported that Amber Rudd was in a relationship with fellow Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng, who represents the constituency of Spelthorne, and is currently Philip Hammond’s PPS.

7. Rudd’s middle name

The home secretary’s full name is Amber Augusta Rudd.

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