London ban: 5 other countries where Uber faces an uphill battle

With Uber no longer being allowed to operate in London as of October, take a look at five other countries where the private-hire firm has struggled.

1. Denmark

Back in March, a new set of laws regarding taxis resulted in Uber shutting down in Denmark, according to the Guardian, with the move primarily affecting consumers and drivers in Copenhagen.

2. Italy

In April this year, the Independent reported that Uber was to be banned in this southern European country, following a ruling by a court in Rome. However, one month later, the decision was annulled, according to Reuters. Could the same thing happen in London?

3. America

Back in May, Austin voters backed stricter checks on Uber drivers in the city, however, the Texas state legislature overruled the decision, allowing Uber, as well as Lyft to resume business in the city, as reported by Engadget.

4. Australia

In Australia’s Northern Territory, the company has faced an uphill struggle. The Northern territory does not any of Australia’s biggest cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, but it is home to Darwin, which contains over half the territory’s population. According to ABC News, Uber was planning to start operating in the territory, but new government rules have made it too difficult and expensive for the company to do so.

In September, NT News reported that Uber would still like to conduct business in the territory, but that the local government and the company remain in a “stalemate”.

5. Canada

Back in October 2016, Vancouver authorities voted to keep a ban on issuing new taxi licences for one more year, as reported by CBC News. However, with the year almost up, could the moratorium be coming to an end?

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