7 smallest legislative bodies in Europe from Liechtenstein to Monaco

House Of Lords

The House of Lords is the largest legislative body in Europe, but where are the smallest?

1st – Vatican City Pontifical Commission

As a sovereign state in its own right, the Vatican has its own legislative process. This seven-member council can propose laws, which must then be approved by the Pope.

2nd – Bosnia & Herzegovina’s House of the People

Bosnia’s upper-house ensures that all the country’s ethnic groups are represented at one of the highest levels of government. The fifteen-member council is always made up of five Serbs, five Bosniaks and five Croats. On top of this, the country also has three presidents, one from each ethnic group.

3rdMonaco’s National Council

This small country’s national council is made up of 24 members. Members are voted in for five-year terms although the country’s prince and minister of state make up the executive.

4thLiechtenstein’s Landtag

Like with Monaco, Liechtenstein’s prince leads political power, but there is also a small legislative council. The Landtag is made up twenty-five members, elected via a proportional voting system, with two large constituencies.

The legislature’s government is currently made up of a coalition of the Progressive Citizens’ Party and the Patriotic Union.

5thAndorra’s General Council

This landlocked micro-state has a twenty-eight-member General Council. One interesting political fact about Andorra, is that the country has two heads of state, one being France’s head of state (currently President Emmanuel Macron) and the other being the Bishop of La Seu d’Urgell.

6thSlovenia’s National Council

Slovenia’s upper-chamber is Europe’s sixth smallest legislative body, and has 40 members.

7th – Bosnia & Herzegovina’s House of Representatives

Bosnia & Herzegovina makes it on to this list twice. The country’s lower chamber is made up of 42 members. Fourteen parties have representation in the chamber, making it one of the world’s most fragmented chambers in the world. Members are elected via a party-list PR system.

A full list of the smallest legislative bodies can be accessed here.

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