7 significant facts about UKIP’s new leader Henry Bolton

Henry Bolton

On Friday, Henry Bolton was elected UKIP's new leader. Who is Bolton and what does he stand for?

1. 30% of the vote

According to the BBC, UKIP’s new leader won the contest, which was triggered after Paul Nutall stepped aside following a disastrous election result in June, with 30% of the vote. Anne Marie Waters came second with 21.3% of the vote out of 12,915 votes cast.

2. His work history

He is a former police officer and ex-soldier, according to Kent Online.

3. His previous political affiliation

One of the main criticisms levelled at UKIP over the years is that they are a party of ex-Tory supporters. In Bolton's case, he used to be a Liberal Democrat member, and even stood for the party at the 2005 UK General Election, as reported by UK Business Insider.

4. He was endorsed by Mike Hookem MEP

Hookhem, a UKIP MEP and fisheries spokesperson endorsed Bolton during the campaign.

5. Police and Crime Commissioner Election

In 2016, Bolton ran to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent. According to the BBC, he a came a close second, beaten only by the Conservatives’ Matthew Scott.

6. Security Adviser

Bolton has held numerous security advice positions. He has been a a humanitarian adviser to the Albanian PM's office as well as an Expert Adviser to the Georgian State Border Guard Command and Control, according to his website.

7. He has a seven-point plan for his leadership

On his website, Bolton outlines seven key points for the party under his leadership. His priorities include establishing "unity of purpose and vision in the world beyond Brexit", professionalising the party's structure, and pursuing "the most effective policies, regardless of where those policies lie on the traditional left-right, spectrum."

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