The 6 states that have backed the Democrats since 1988

The party that occupies the White House changes on average every eight years, but here are six loyal Democratic states.

In 1984, Republican Ronald Reagan won every state bar one and D.C. Four years later, Bush senior became president, but the Republican grip on the country loosened, and the Democrats secured ten states plus D.C. Here are the six that have continuously voted Democrat in presidential elections since Dukakis’ failed bid of 1988.

1. Massachusetts

The home of Boston is a fiercely progressive state, whose biggest national political figure is Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren who is tipped as someone who could seek the Democratic primary nomination and go on to become president. Massachusetts has backed the Democrats in each and every one of the last eight US presidential elections. Back in 2004, the state voted heavily for Democrat John Kerry, who won 62% of the vote.

2. Minnesota

Minnesota has in fact backed the Democratic nominee in every presidential election since Carter’s win in 1976. In fact, it was the only state to support McGovern in his attempt to unseat Ronald Reagan in 1984, although the result was very close.

In the most recent election, the state gave a resounding thumbs down to Donald Trump.

3. New York

This east-coast state, dominated by New York city, was one of the ten states to back Dukakis in 1988, and has supported the Democratic nominee ever since. Most recently, the state backed Hillary Clinton with 59% of the vote, well ahead of the 36.5% of New Yorkers who backed Trump. Clinton previously served as a US senator in the state.

4. Oregon

This west coast state is a traditionally red state. Last November, 50.1% of its voting public supported Hillary Clinton, miles ahead of the 39.1% who voted for Donald Trump. Four years earlier, 54% of its voters backed Barack Obama.

5. Rhode Island

Despite its name, Rhode Island is not actually an island. The state has supported the Democrats in every presidential election since 1988, including in 2008 where 63% of its voting public backed the party’s Obama-Biden ticket.

6. Washington

Not to be confused with Washington D.C., this state is the most north-western state in the mainland United States of America. In 2016, Trump won just 38% of the vote, coming in a distant second behind Clinton on 54% of the vote.

Bonus: Washington D.C.

Although the US capital has no power in the Senate or the House, D.C. does get electoral college votes. The small territory has backed the Democratic ticket in every US presidential election ever since it got electoral college votes back in 1964.

A full list of each state's voting history can be accessed here. 

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