Top 8 rebellious MPs of this parliament so far

This parliamentary session has only just started, but which MPs make their respective party’s naughty list?

As parliament has only just started, there have only been a handful of votes since June, but which MPs have already rebelled?

This article was created using data from the “Public Whip”. The site defines rebellion as 'a vote against the majority vote by members of the MP's party. Unfortunately this will indicate that many members have rebelled in a free vote. Until precise data on when and how strongly each party has whipped is made available, there is no true way of identifying a "rebellion".'

8th – Dennis Skinner

Since June 2017, this long-standing Labour MP has rebelled against his party in one vote out of 17 (5.9% of votes) so far. The vote in question? On the European Union Withdrawal Bill (2nd day), Skinner rebelled against his party and voted with the ayes. The parliament during which Skinner rebelled the most (for which there are records, which started in 1997) was the parliament of 2001-2005, during which he rebelled 111 times (10.5% of all votes).

7th – Graham Stringer

This Labour MP voted alongside Skinner to rebel over the EU Withdrawal Bill. The Blackley and Broughton MP has rebelled on one out of 15 votes (6.7% of those he attended). Under Blair and Brown, Stringer was a pretty loyal MP, just rebelling on 0.6% of the 1997-2001 votes, but during the last parliament under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership he rebelled on 7.7% of the votes.

6th – Kelvin Hopkins

This Labour MP joined with Skinner and Stringer to walk through the lobbies with the government to vote for the EU Withdrawal Bill. He therefore rebelled on one out of 15 votes (6.7%). His most rebellious period was between 2005 and 2010 under Blair and Brown in which he rebelled on 154 votes (14.4%).

5th – Frank Field

The current Chairman of the Work and Pension Select Committee has been the MP for Birkenhead since 1979, this long-lasting Labour figure also rebelled against his party on the EU Withdrawal Bill. This means he has rebelled on 6.7% of votes (one in 15) since parliament returned.

4th – John Mann

Like the four before him, Mann also rebelled on the EU Withdrawal Bill, but as he has only voted on 14 occasions, his rebellion percentage is slightly higher, currently standing at 7.1%.

3rd - Ronnie Campbell

First elected in 1987 for Blyth Valley, this North-East MP also rebelled against Labour by voting for the EU Withdrawal Bill. His rebellion rate therefore stands at 7.1%. On an interesting side-note, Campbell was one of just thirteen House of Commons representatives to vote against June’s snap election, according to the BBC. Other notable MPs who voted against the election were Labour MP Clive Lewis and the two suspended SNP MPs.

2nd - Kate Hoey

A committed Eurosceptic, and prominent face for the leave-side in last year’s EU referendum, Hoey voted with the government over the EU withdrawal bill like the six Labour MPs before her. As she has only vote in ten votes since the election, her rebellion rate is 10%, the same as the next person on this list.

1st - Kenneth Clarke

Clarke is only non-Labour MP to have rebelled against his own party. This Tory giant voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill Programme on the 11th September, voting alongside 248 Labour MPs, twelve Liberal Democrat MPs, 34 SNP MPs, four Plaid Cymru MPs, one Green and one independent. According to the Guardian, Clarke abstained on the second reading, which the other MPs on this list had supported in a rebellious move.

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