Labour-Lib Dem coalition preferred to Tory-Lib Dem deal, suggests poll

A recent YouGov poll found that the public’s preferred option for a future coalition would be one between Labour and the Lib Dems.

The poll, conducted between the 13th and 15th September and released on the 18th, asked respondents a variety of questions to do with the Liberal Democrats ahead of the party’s autumn conference which took place at the weekend.

One question asked to respondents was:

“Imagine there was another hung Parliament after the next election, and either the Conservatives or the Labour party had enough seats to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. If you had to choose, which would you prefer to see?”

Just shy of four in ten voters (38%) said their preferred option would be a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition. In contrast, 32% said they would prefer a Conservative-Liberal coalition while a further 30% said they did not know.

As for Liberal Democrat voters themselves, the poll suggests that 51% would prefer for their party to go into coalition with Labour – more than double the 25% who would prefer a repeat of the 2010-2015 coalition.

Other key findings of the poll:

  • 30% of poll respondents said the Lib Dems were right to go into coalition with the Tories. 16% said the party were wrong but forgiven while a further 22% said they were wrong but not forgiven. This bodes well for the party, who suffered heavily in the 2015 election for their coalition with the Conservatives.
  • Just 27% of Brits think the government should keep the UK inside the EU – including 46% of Liberal Democrat voters.
  • Most voters have yet to make up their mind on Vince Cable. For example, the poll found that 56% said they did not know whether he was a decisive or indecisive leader, and 50% said they did not know whether he was strong or weak.


At the last election, Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats ruled out going into coalition with either party. The party now has a new leader, and Jeremy Corbyn has a realistic chance of becoming prime minister.

At the Liberal Democrat conference, Sir Vince Cable made it clear that he wanted to take his party back into government, but the question is: would another coalition – with the Liberal Democrats once again as a junior partner – be the way to do it?

The full results of the YouGov poll can be accessed here.

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