A quick guide to the Labour Party conference – will it help Corbyn?

Labour’s autumn conference begins on Sunday. Here’s a run-down of what’s set to happen.

Where is the conference taking place?


When is the conference taking place?

Conference starts on Sunday 24th September and closes on Wednesday 27th September with a speech from Jeremy Corbyn.

How many people will turn up?

It is expected that over 11,000 people will turn up, according to the Labour party’s website.

How important will “Momentum” be at this conference?

The short answer is very. A report by the Guardian suggests that a large majority of expected conference delegates are in favour of pro-Momentum reforms. On top of this, the same paper also reports that Momentum is launching its own app to ensure that friendly delegates attend key debates and votes at the conference.

How many fringe events are taking place?

Conferences are not just about leaders’ speeches and votes on the conference floor; fringe events are vital part of conference life. More than 400 fringe events are to take place over the four days.

How close is Labour to forming a government?

In terms of seats, the party won its highest number of seats since the 2005 election at which Tony Blair won his third majority in a row. In terms of how voters view their policy platform, a recent BMG poll for the Independent found that most voters support many of the party’s current positions, but are wary of a new Labour government.

This conference is a chance for Jeremy Corbyn and the wider Labour party to convince the country that they are a government in waiting. The election is not due until 2022, but with a slim Conservative-DUP majority, Labour will be using the conference to project itself as a party of government. If the party displays unity, and Corbyn and others perform well, then the conference could help improve the party's image and prepare it for government some day soon.

What events are taking place at the conference?

  • On Saturday, before the official start of the Labour Party conference, the women’s conference took place.
  • Sunday includes opening statements from the National Executive Committee, as well as a general election report.
  • Monday will include discussions on Brexit and living standards, as well as a speech from Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.
  • Tuesday will include a plenary session on health and social care, followed by a speech from Deputy Leader Tom Watson.
  • Wednesday be taken up with delegate policy seminars before closing with a speech from Jeremy Corbyn at 12:15.
  • Click here to access a timetable of events at the conference.