Where and when are Britain’s autumn party conferences taking place?

It’s party conference season. Whether you want to pay attention to it or avoid it, here’s a quick guide to the events.

Liberal Democrat Conference

The Lib Dems kicked off the conference season on Saturday in Bournemouth. This the first conference with Tim Farron’s replacement Sir Vince Cable as party leader. Thirteen planned motions are up for debate at the conference, with the option for emergency motions. Party members are getting speeches from Jo Swinson, Layla Mora, Willie Rennie and other key Liberal Democrat figures.

Conference closes on Tuesday with a speech from Sir Vince Cable.

  • Where? Bournemouth
  • When? 16th – 19th September

Labour Party Conference

The four-day conference will take place at the end of September, and will be the first since Jeremy Corbyn exceeded expectations in June’s snap election. Due to the government’s slim majority with the DUP, there will probably be a fair bit of electioneering, as an early election could take place in the next few years. The conference will likely have an upbeat, optimistic feel to it.

  • Where? Brighton
  • When? 24th – 27th September

Conservative Party Conference

Taking place at the start of next month, the Tories’ autumn conference will be a chance for Theresa May to reinvigorate her image and appeal to her base. The fact that she lost her party its majority earlier in the year will no doubt be discussed by members throughout the conference, and dampen the mood.

According to the Guardian, two rising stars in the party will be given prominent platforms over the four days: Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson and backbench MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

  • Where? Manchester
  • When? 1st – 4th October

UKIP Conference

The party, who performed miserably in June’s election, will use the opportunity to announce their new leader.

  • Where? Torquay
  • When? 29th – 30th September

Green Party of England and Wales Conference

  • Where? Harrogate
  • When? 7th – 10th October

SNP Conference

  • Where? Glasgow
  • When? 8th – 10th October

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