7 big business figures on Brexit - from Dyson to Branson

The UK is soon set to exit the European Union, but what have business leaders been saying in recent months?

1. James Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaner inventor and billionaire, James Dyson is the latest business figure to make clear his views on Brexit. The 70-year-old has declared he believes that the UK and EU may not be able to agree an exit deal.

Speaking on Radio Four on Thursday, Dyson said:

"I think Britain is putting forward very positive suggestions, and they're not being reciprocated by the other side, but that doesn't particularly surprise me and I suspect we will have to leave without a deal,” according to City A.M.

2. Michael O’Leary

Wealthy Irish businessman and chief executive of the low-cost airline RyanAir, Michael O’Leary has made sure that the British and Irish press know where he stands on Brexit.

According to the Guardian, he recently lashed out at Theresa May when she visited Japan, saying that she should be hammering out a good Brexit deal rather than drinking sake.

He has even said that flights in and out of the UK once the latter leaves the Union, as reported in the Irish Examiner.

3. Didier Leroy

Toyota’s Executive VP Dider Leroy has recently voiced his feelings towards the uncertainty of a post-Brexit deal.

During a recent interview in Frankfurt, Leroy told Reuters:

““A few months ago the UK government was saying, ‘We’re sure we’ll be able to negotiate (a deal) without any trade tax.”

He went on to say, “They are not saying that any more.

“It’s clear that if we have to wait two to three more years to have a clarity on this topic, we will have a big question-mark about our future investment in the country.”

4. Charlie Mayfield

The John Lewis boss made it very clear on Thursday that he thinks Brexit is hurting Britain’s economic prospects.

According to the Evening Standard, he said:

“There needs to be a serious parliamentary debate to figure out what kind of Brexit we’re going to have in the best interests of the country and the economy.”

He also noted that, “We should be under no illusions. Brexit is having an effect on the economy, no question.”

5. Richard Branson

The London-born billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group has strongly attacked Brexit.

In July, CNBC reported that he said:

"Brexit hasn't even happened yet and you're already seeing an impact on medium and small companies in Britain. If we do see a hard Brexit, that will be catastrophic for Britain and damaging for Europe too.”

The Independent reported back in March that he backed a second referendum.

6. Alan Sugar

British business giant and member of the House of Lords, Alan Sugar, has been very vocal on the subject of Brexit.

At the start of August, the Independent reported the Lord said Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should “100 per cent absolutely be thrown in jail for claiming the NHS would be £350 million richer if Britain left the EU.”

7. Nathan Bostock

The CEO of Santander UK plc has said that his company will cope well with Brexit. According to City A.M., Bostock said in July that:

“We’re in a good position. We’re a UK-focused bank. Our balance sheet is almost totally UK.

“But actually as a group… we have a Santander branch here in the UK, we’ve got Santander over Europe. So almost any operating model one wants to use already exists.”

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