New poll suggests Lib Dem leader Vince Cable is making progress

A newly released YouGov poll offers hope to the Liberal Democrats and new leader Sir Vince Cable.

The poll comes as the party’s new leader Sir Vince Cable attacked inherited wealth and the UK economy, as reported by the BBC.

The Liberal Democrats have had a hectic few years- Cleggmania, the coalition years, the tuition fees debacle, the EU referendum – but could the party be on course for a recovery?

The new YouGov poll, conducted between the 4th and 5th September, gives them a net approval rating of -28%, five percentage points higher than their rating in August, however, it is down from the -20% immediately after the election.

However, the new poll puts Vince Cable’s net approval rating on -15%, up from the poor -27% in August, the first YouGov poll conducted with Cable as leader. The numbers suggest that Cable has made progress in the last month, however, the high proportion of ‘don’t knows’ (39%) suggests Cable has yet to make his mark with a huge chunk of the population.

On top of this, when it comes to remain voters, Sir Vince Cable has a net approval rating of +6%, with 38% saying they have a favourable view of him ahead of the 32% in disagreement.

The party’s new leader is clearly making marginal progress.

That all said, the party cannot sail off into the sunset just yet – they still have a hell of a mountain to climb if they are to regain the support they had last decade. The coalition, which ended only two years ago, damaged their credibility, and the 2017 election saw the party stagnate.

However, this poll offers some real hope for the party.

Only time will tell if the numbers continue to move in their favour.

The full results of the latest YouGov poll (3rd - 5th September) can be accessed here.

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