7 safest seats in the UK – which MPs have “jobs for life”?

The most recent election was an incredibly close race overall, but in these seven seats it was anything but.

7th – Tottenham

This north London seat has been held by Labour since 1950, with prominent Labour-figure David Lammy having held the seat since a by-election in 2000. His vote share jumped from 67.3% to 81.6% in the most recent election, giving him a staggering majority of 70.1%.

He won over 40,000 votes while the second-placed Conservative candidate Myles Stacey won just 5,665 votes.

6th – East Ham

The seat of East Ham is the safest constituency in London. Stephen Timms won the seat in June with 47,124 votes and a humungous majority of 70.4%.

Labour’s worst electoral performance in the seat was in 2005 when the Respect candidate won 20.7% of the vote.

5th – Bootle

This safe North-West seat has been won by Labour in every single election since 1945. In June, Labour MP Peter Dowd won it with 84% of the vote and a majority of 72%.

UKIP’s Paul Nutall won just shy of 11% of the vote in 2015 up from the 6.1% he won in 2010.

4thLiverpool, West Derby

Stephen Twigg has held the Liverpool, West Derby since 2010, having previously been an MP for Enfield Southgate between 1997 and 2005. In 2017, he won the seat with 82.8% of the vote and a massive majority of 72.9%.

Labour have held the seat since Harold Wilson’s election win in 1964.

3rd – Liverpool, Riverside

Louise Ellman did one better than her fellow Liverpudlian Stephen Twigg by winning in 2017 with a majority of 74.9%.

In 2015, the Greens won an impressive 12.1% of the vote, but lost their deposit in 2017, perhaps due to Jeremy Corbyn’s radical, progressive agenda.

2nd – Knowsley

Created in 2010, this seat has been a Labour-stronghold ever since.

In June’s election, George Howarth MP won with a majority of 76.1%. While Knowsley comes in as the second safest seat in the UK, its MP has the largest majority in the country in terms of raw votes (42,214).

The safest seat in the United Kingdom – Liverpool, Walton

New MP Dan Carden won the seat in June with an almighty majority of 77.1%. His closest challenger was the Conservative Laura Evans who won a minuscule 8.6% of the vote.

The top five safest seats in the country are in the North West of England and the next two are in London. On top of that, all are held by Labour, as is the case for the top thirty safest seats across the UK.

A full list of the country's safest seats can be found here.

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