6 states the Democrats must target in 2020 to beat Donald Trump

In order to make Donald Trump a one-term president, the Democrats will need a combination of these six states.

At the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won more votes than Donald Trump, but her loss in six crucial states led to a Republican win. Trump ultimately won 304 electoral college votes - significantly more than Clinton’s 227. If Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris – or whoever is the eventual 2020 nominee – wants to win the presidency, they will need to hold on to the states won by Clinton and regain the states Barack Obama won four years previously.

1. Florida

With the most electoral college votes of the six (29), Florida is a key must-win swing state. Like many states last time around, it was an agonisingly close battle between Trump and Clinton, with the former winning 4.6 million and the latter 4.5 million.

Clinton won the most US votes overall, but they were in the wrong place to ensure a Democratic victory. The party’s 2020 candidate needs to appeal to Florida in the same way Obama did when he beat Mitt Romney in 2012.

2. Pennsylvania

In 2016, Trump snatched victory with 48.18% of the vote compared to Clinton’s 47.46%. Had Clinton just gained just 41,292 votes in Pennsylvania, as well as 112,911 more votes in Florida she would be president today.

If the Democrats’ 2020 candidate wins what Clinton won in 2016, as well as Pennsylvania and Florida, they would become the next president, but bagging the next four would put them on a par with Obama’s 2012 victory and give them a stronger mandate.

3. Ohio

With 18 electoral votes, Ohio is a crucial swing state. According to the Washington Post, it has correctly picked the winner of each presidential election since Johnson’s win in 1964, making it a bell-weather state.

In 2016, the situation was no different, with most citizens of Ohio opting for Donald Trump as their nation’s president.

However, the race was a lot less tight than in Florida, with Trump winning almost 52% of the vote compared to Clinton’s 44%.

4. Wisconsin

America’s lake-bordering home of cheese, Wisconsin was another close run. In the end, Trump won 1.40 million votes, just ahead of Clinton’s 1.38. With 10 electoral college votes, Wisconsin could make all the difference come the 2020 election.

5. Michigan

Michigan was another critical state Hillary Clinton could have won. The 2016 result was tantalisingly close as Trump won by 2,279,543 votes to Clinton’s 2,268,839.

With 16 electoral college votes up for grabs, and a long history of backing the Democrats, this is one state Clinton’s party should be pouring every resource into come 2020.

6. Iowa

With just six electoral college votes, Iowa is the least important of the six states that swung to the Republicans in the 2016 US presidential election. On top of that, Clinton was beaten 51% to 42% by Trump last year, making it a difficult state to win back. However, it backed Obama twice, Al Gore in 2000, Clinton in 1992 and 1994, as well as Michael Dukakis in 1988. With a rich history of supporting the Democrats, it could swing away from Trump come 2020.

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