7 most important issues facing the UK – clear split along Brexit lines

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A newly released YouGov/Times poll puts Labour one point ahead of the Conservatives.

The new YouGov/Times poll, conducted between the 21st and 22nd August, puts Labour on 42%, one point ahead of the Conservatives on 41%. It also asked respondents to pick what they thought were the most important issues facing the country – they could choose up to three from a list of from thirteen.

7. Education

Education was picked by just 13% of respondents as one of the most important issues facing the country right now. Labour supporters ranked education higher (19%) than Conservatives (9%).

6. Crime

The issue of crime comes in marginally ahead of education on 16%. Voters with a lower socioeconomic status were more likely to say this was an issue, with 20% of C2DE voters picking crime compared to the 13% of ABC1 voters.

5. Housing

Up from 18% the last time this question was asked, 20% of respondents picked housing this time around. With rising house prices and a shortage of supply in many areas, it is no wonder that housing is a top issue according to the voters, but can any of the parties solve the ongoing crisis?

4. The economy

Traditionally one of the very top issues, the economy ranks just fourth in this survey. Interestingly, respondents who voted remain in last years EU referendum were far more likely to pick the economy, with 43% of remainers choosing this option ahead of 28% of leave voters.

3. Immigration and asylum

In contrast, this issue is leave-voter heavy. Just 18% of remain voters chose immigration and asylum, well behind the 61% of leave voters. Overall, 39% of voters thought immigration and asylum was one of the most important issues facing the UK.

2. Health

No less than 40% of voters placed health as one of the number one concerns facing the UK. An analysis from Full Fact outlines the key challenges facing the NHS today, including staff shortages, financial struggles, failure to meet waiting time targets and struggles in accessing care. It is no wonder that voters rank health as the number two most important issue facing the country.

1. Brexit

No surprises here – the number one spot went to Brexit.

No less than 65% of respondents picked Britain’s exit of the EU as one of the most important issues facing the country today. 67% of remainers picked this as did 70% of leavers.


The data shows that there is a clear line splitting what Brexiteers and remainers see as the most important issues affecting the country. Brexit is undoubtedly the top issue, but the contrasts on immigration the economy could not be starker. Leave voters are far more likely to place immigration as a top concern while the remain voters are much more likely to pick the economy.

The full results of the YouGov/Times poll can be accessed here. 

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