Labour and Conservatives are neck-and-neck, says new poll

The latest YouGov/Times poll puts the Conservatives and Labour just one percentage point apart.

The YouGov/Times poll, conducted between the 21st and 22nd August and released on YouGov on Tuesday, puts Labour on 42%, marginally ahead of the Conservatives on 41%.

Compared to the previous YouGov poll, Labour are down from 44% and the Conservatives are remaining steady on 41%.

The new poll also puts Vince Cable’s Lib Dems on 8%, up one percentage point from the previous poll.

The Conservatives are continuing to lead when it comes to leave voters, with 63% of those who voted to exit the EU last June picking Theresa May’s party. Just 22% of leavers said they would back Corbyn’s party compared to the 56% of remainers who said they would vote for Labour. The poll was conducted before Keir Starmer’s article in the Observer that said that Labour would support an EU transition deal including single market and customs union membership.

The move could have impact on Labour’s support, as it was seen as a significant shift in policy direction.


The poll suggests that momentum gained by Corbyn and the Labour party since the election has waned. Labour may be ahead, but the results of the general election are within the margin of error for each of the two main parties in this poll, as well as for the Liberal Democrats.

While the poll puts Labour ahead it is by no means guaranteed that Labour could win an election, but it does show that they are perfectly capable of mounting a strong challenge to May’s government.

The full results of the YouGov/Times poll can be read here. 1,664 GB adults were polled between the 21st and 22nd August.