Even with £25m in donations, May’s Conservatives lost their majority

The BBC have reported that the Tories received almost £25m in general election donations, yet they still lost seats.

Of the £40.1m donated to parties in the run-up to the snap election, the Tories received more than half - £24,840,627 to be exact – according to the BBC.

The site also reports that Labour received almost £9.5m, ahead of the Lib Dems who got £4.4m in donations.

Labour received less than half the money the Conservative did, yet Jeremy Corbyn’s party gave Theresa May a massive run for her money.

In one sense, the large Conservative donations paid off as the Conservatives gained a significant share of the vote, however, they failed to see of the Labour surge, which resulted in them losing their majority even though they made striking gains in Scotland.

The figures show that money is not the main determinant in deciding UK elections. While money is obviously a factor, as it contributes towards campaigning infrastructure, including all-important social media adds, large donations do not necessarily equal big success.