7 favourites to win the 2020 US election – will Trump win?

The most recent election took place less than a year ago, but will Donald Trump win a second term?

Based off betting odds from Oddschecker, take a look at the seven betting market favourites to win the 2020 US presidential election.

1. Donald Trump

The incumbent president is currently the betting markets' favourite to win the presidential election in 2020. There are three likely reasons contributing to this. One is that presidents tend to go on to a second term after their first. This has been the case for the last three presidents, starting with Bill Clinton, then George W. Bush, then Barack Obama. The second reason is that despite Trump’s atrocious approval ratings, as well as his controversial statements and actions, he is an outsider who has defied all odds to get where he is today. The betting markets are clearly taking no chances. Thirdly, the Democrats have yet to pick a nominee meaning that it is much harder to predict who has the best chance at winning the next presidential race.

Ladbrokes and Coral give the Donald odds of 5/2, and William Hill gives odds of 2/1.

2. Mike Pence

The incumbent vice president could well be on track to becoming the 46th US president. If moderate Republicans mount a challenge to Trump in the nomination stage of the upcoming election cycle, Pence could be a sensible choice. He is hardly a Republican moderate, but he is more statesman-like than Trump and would have the benefit of being an incumbent in the executive. Furthermore, there is always the chance Trump is impeached and/or forced to resign before the end of a full term, which would pave the way for Pence to become president and be the likely nominee in 2020. A Pence presidency is entirely plausible; it could even be a case of not if but when.

PaddyPower gives odds of 15/2, and Ladbrokes and William Hill give odds of 8/1.

3. Elizabeth Warren

This Democratic senator from Massachusetts has certainly made a name for herself on the left of her party. It is often speculated that she could be a future presidential candidate, and it is possible that if she harnesses Bernie Sanders’ progressive wave, she could be on course to challenge the Republican incumbent come 2020.

Ladbrokes and Coral 16/1.

William Hill puts her odds at 10/1 while Coral gives odds of 11/1.

4. Bernie Sanders

Even though Sanders will be approaching his ninth decade by the time the next election comes around, the betting markets suggest that he has a shot at becoming the next US president. In 2016, Sanders outperformed what was expected of him by many, and gave Hillary Clinton a run for her money. If he threw his hat in the ring he would have a shot at winning the Democratic nomination, and even the presidency, but his age will be even more of a factor than it was in 2016.

Ladbrokes and Coral: 20/1.

5. Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the United States is often seen as someone who could seek a job in politics, perhaps even the presidency itself. A Facebook page, which wants Obama to become president in 2020 has reached almost half a million views. That all said, the Independent has reported that Michelle Obama herself has said she has no intentions to run for the most important job in US politics.

Ladbrokes: 25/1, William Hill 20/1.

6. Mark Zuckerberg

If the betting markets are to be believed, this tech and internet giant has a shot at becoming the next US president. If that sounds unrealistic, just take a second to remember that businessman and reality TV start Donald Trump came from nowhere, built a passionate base, and became the President of the United States.

The creator of Facebook is currently too young to become president, but will be old enough by the time of the next election.

CNBC has even looked into how a bid from Zuckerberg could well happen. It seems unlikely, but modern politics has taught us anything is possible. Zuckerberg certainly has the resources and the public recognition to run, but could he really run for president?

Coral: 25/1, PaddyPower 18/1.

7. Kamala Harris

This young, female Democratic is currently a senator for California. She is new to D.C., but that has not stopped the speculation and the relatively short odds for her becoming the next US president. The Guardian has recently talked about her becoming the Democrats’ 2020 candidate.


All odds come from Oddschecker and are accurate as of 24th August.

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