Brexit poll: remain ahead of leave (46% - 43%)

European Union

A newly released Eurotrack poll by YouGov suggests that if another referendum were to be held, the result would be close.

The poll, conducted between the 23rd and 24th July and released on 15th August, suggests that voters would narrowly vote to remain in the EU if another referendum took place.

A further 6% said they would not vote while 5% said they did not know.

In addition to this, respondents were also asked how they felt about the future of the EU. A majority (52%) said they were pessimistic while 30% said they were optimistic.

The poll also asked similar questions to voters in six other European countries.

Unsurprisingly, any desire to leave the EU was found to be weak in Germany and France. Just 29% said they were in favour of a Frexit while even less (21%) supported a Germexit.

Meanwhile in Sweden, anti-EU sentiment was found to be higher, with 32% of respondents saying they would vote to leave the union.

The new poll does not necessarily mean that Britain would vote to remain in the union were another referendum held tomorrow, however, it does suggest that the country is still split on the matter.

In all likelihood, there will not be second referendum, but were one to be held, it is difficult to imagine a resounding vote either way.

The country remains divided.

The new YouGov/Eurotrack survey can be accessed here. Respondents were questioned between the 23rd and 24th July.