7 US vice presidents who died in office

Since the Office of the Vice President came into existence in 1789, no less than seven of its holders have died in the position. Who were they?

1. George Clinton

Clinton was one of the key players in the formation of the United States, and served his country as the fourth vice president following his spell as the first governor of New York. As VP, he served alongside President Thomas Jefferson followed by President James Madison, but died before the end of his second term in 1812.

2. Elbridge Gerry

Almost a year after Clinton’s death, Gerry became VP after winning the 1812 US election alongside James Madison, however, like his predecessor, he passed away during his time in power.

3. William R. King

King became vice president in 1853 following Franklin Pierce’s election to the office of president the previous year. This Democrat’s term in the second-top job did not last long as he died the month after his inauguration.

4. Henry Wilson

This former US senator served as VP under Ulysses S. Grant between 1873 and 1875. His time in the job was short-lived, but far longer than the previous VP to die in office.

5. Thomas A. Hendricks

This Democratic VP served under president Grover Cleveland who is known for being both the 22nd and 24th president of the US, due to his two non-consecutive terms.

Levi P. Morton became the next vice president following the 1889 election, which took place after Hendricks' death.

6. Garret Hobart

This Republican served as the 24th VP under William McKinley. He died after just 468 days in office.

7. James S. Sherman

Sherman was the last US VP to have died while in office, meaning that no vice president has died in the role for just over 100 years.

This Republican served as VP to William Howard Taft before passing away in 1912 at the age of 57.

This list is based of data from Wikipedia’s US vice presidents page.

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