11 candidates are standing to lead UKIP: who are they?

With eleven candidates in the race to succeed Paul Nuttall, let’s look at who they are and what they have done.

The BBC has reported that all eleven candidates that put themselves forward for the leadership will be on the ballot paper.

There are a handful of “big names”, but many will be unheard of by the wider British public.

Can any of them live up to the success of Nigel Farage who came before Nutall?

1. Peter Whittle AM

The bookies’ favourite, Peter Whittle, was elected as a London Assembly member last May. He is also deputy leader of the party, having been put in the role at the same time as Paul Nuttall’s victory last November.

Ladbrokes and Coral give the Londoner short odds of 4/5 for becoming the next UKIP leader, according to Oddschecker.

2. Anne Marie Waters

Despite not holding an elected position in the party, Waters is one UKIP candidate who has made national headlines, mainly about the controversy surrounding her leadership attempt. The BBC reports that she is an anti-Islam candidate, director of Sharia Watch and has reportedly called Islam “evil”.

The decision to allow Waters to stand has divided the party, with the Guardian reporting that the party’s deputy whip Mike Hookem has resigned his post over the issue. The BBC also reports that Welsh AM and MEP Nathan Gill has said he would quit should Waters win the election.

She is the bookies’ second favourite, with Ladbrokes and Coral giving odds of 5/2. On top of that, she has raised over £15,000 from almost 400 donors for her campaign to become UKIP leader.

3. David Kurten AM

Kurten sits alongside Whittle in the London Assembly and is the party’s Education and Apprentices Spokesperson, according to his Twitter page, which shows that he is backed by Leave.EU.


His odds of becoming the next UKIP leader are 10/1 with Ladbrokes.

4. John Rees-Evans

Not to be confused with Tory back-bencher Jacob Rees-Mogg, Rees-Evans stood for the leadership in 2016, but came in third behind Nutall and Suzanne Evans.

He made the headlines during the last leadership election when he was asked about comments regarding “homosexual donkey” and his horse, according to the Huffington Post, which he later announced was a “mistake”.

His odds stand at 8/1 with Ladbrokes and Coral.

5. Henry Bolton

According to Kent Online, Bolton is a former police officer, has an OBE, and stood in the 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections for UKIP.

6. David Coburn MEP

Coburn is UKIP’s only elected official north of the border having won a seat in the European parliament at the 2014 elections.

7. Jane Collins MEP

Collins is another UKIP MEP to have been elected in the 2014 European parliament elections. According to the Guardian, she has identified as a “progressive libertarian.”

8. Marion Mason

According to Mason’s rarely used Twitter account, she is a former Stevenage Councillor.

Kipper Central reports that when she announced her campaign she said that:

‘We have the opportunity to attract former labour voters with our real policies and to capture the centre ground more by continuing to advocate them alongside continuing to advocate a reduction in foreign aid and utilise part of this for the NHS and elderly care.

9. Aidan Powlesland

Powlesland is an “entrepreneur”, who stood as a UKIP candidate in the 2015 general election, according to his page on UKIP Daily.

10. Ben Walker

As for Ben Walker, the Brisol Post reports that he is a former Bradley Stoke councillor, who used to be a member of the Conservative party before joining UKIP in 2012.

11. David Allen

As for the last candidate, David Allen, his manifesto, published on UKIP Daily, says that he has stood for UKIP on numerous occasions, and has been an author, a professional manager an IT consultant and a therapist. He also designed the “First Two Past The Post” voting system.

In his extensive manifesto, he says that:

“I think the party needs a re-brand. I’m sure it will happen at some time because the UKIP name and brand is so closely connected with Brexit and immigration that the wider message is lost in a sea of prejudice built and nurtured by the MSM for years.”

The full list of odds for the UKIP leadership elections can be found here on Oddschecker. All odds are accurate as of 18th August.

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