Donald Trump’s net approval rating sinks to -27% in latest Gallup poll

There is no denying that Donald Trump’s presidency is struggling, and the latest Gallup poll indicates just how bad it has gotten.

Donald Trump has not had a good week. He was criticised for not specifically calling out white supremacist terrorism following events in Charlottesville over the weekend, according to the BBC. However, he did eventually attack the KKK and other hate groups, the BBC also reports.

This follows a build-up of tension between him and North Korea over the previous week.

On top of that, the new Gallup poll, conducted between the 11th and 13th August, shows just how bad the situation has gotten for the embattled US president.

The poll gives Trump an approval rating of 34% while also giving him a strikingly high disproval rating of 61%. The gap between the two figures is the widest for any Gallup poll since he took office, and gives an overall net approval rating of -27%.

The gap between Donald Trump's approval and disproval ratings has been widening since he entered the Oval Office.

How bad are his approval ratings?

The short answer is: "very". Data collected by FiveThirtyEight indicates that Trump is the most unpopular president at this stage in the presidency - since 1945.

That all said, the president started the presidential race as an outsider, and is clearly continuing to be one during his time in office. In this age of political uncertainty, it would be foolish to underestimate Trump’s future electoral chances should these high disproval ratings continue or even worsen.