Boris Johnson, David Davis…or someone new?

The latest ConservativeHome survey of Tory members suggests growing demand for a fresh alternative.

Theresa May’s position is secure for now, but once MPs return from the summer recess there could well be demand in the parliamentary party for a leadership contest.

May could even call a “put up or shut up” election like Major did in 1995, but knowing May’s experience with elections it would probably back fire and give the country an even worse prime minister.

So, what do Conservative Party members think?

The top named response in the Conservative Home survey was David Davis with 20% of the vote. Next comes Boris Johnson who secured just 9.5% of members’ votes, then Dominic Raab on 8%.

Amber Rudd received backing from just under 5% of respondents while Philip Hammond did little better.

The actual top option picked was “other please name”, which was backed by 34% of respondents. This suggests that party members are looking for a fresh, new and exciting name to lead the party once May steps down.

It is also worth noting that 142 members put Jacob Rees-Mogg as their choice as their other option.

There is clearly a demand for something different, but as MPs get to whittle down all contenders to just two, who are then voted on by members, the parliamentary party may have a different idea.

The full results of the Conservative Home survey including analysis from Paul Goodman can be accessed here.

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