Are nuclear weapons dangerous? YouGov live poll reveals UK’s views

A new YouGov Live poll suggests that most Brits think nuclear weapons make the world a more dangerous place.

The YouGov Live poll, conducted on the 9th August and weighted to be representative of the GB population, suggests that 56% think that nuclear weapons, on the whole, “make the world a more dangerous place.” In contrast, 26% think that overall nuclear weapons make the world safer, due to their perceived ability to deter threats from other countries.

When “don’t knows” are removed, 68% think they make the world more dangerous, as opposed to the 32% who hold the opposite view.

The poll comes as US president Donald Trump threatened North Korea with fire and fury, followed by the announcement that North Korea plans to fire missiles towards the US pacific territory of Guam, as reported by the BBC.

While the poll does suggest that most Brits feel that nuclear weapons make the world more at risk of war, a 2016 YouGov poll found that 59% would fire nuclear weapons if they were PM if they had to. However, a later YouGov poll suggested that nuclear weapons were a bigger threat to humanity than climate change, with 38% saying they thought that nukes were more likely to cause the end of humanity.

A further 2% put "alien invasion" while another 2% put "zombie outbreak". 31% put climate change and 27% put pandemic.

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