"Brexit is not inevitable": thousands raised for pro-EU war chest

A new Crowdfunder campaign set-up by ‘Scientists for EU’, ‘Britain for Europe’ and others has raised thousands of pounds to campaign for a vote on the final Brexit deal.

The Crowdfunder campaign was set-up by Scientists for EU, Britain for Europe, European Movement UK, and Healthier IN the EU.

The alliance of pro-EU groups say that:

“Brexit is not inevitable. When the final deal is put to Parliament, it must also be put to the British people to give them the option to reject it, and remain in the EU. Giving British people a real choice, based on fact, is the only democratic option for the UK Parliament. We are determined to #FightBrexit, we will #StopBrexit.”

The money raised by the campaign group will go towards promoting rallies and the lobbying of politicians, which includes a massive lobby event in October.

Extra money raised will provide help to local campaigns.

As of Thursday morning, just over £24,000 has been raised since the Crowdfunder was set up on the 7th August. So far, there have been 820 donations ranging from £5 contributions to donations of £1000.

With 32 days to go to meet the target of £30,000, the alliance of pro-EU groups will likely make its target well ahead of schedule.

For Theresa May, Brexit means Brexit, but for the groups behind this new drive there is a way back from leaving the EU. Is there still time for the UK to reverse its decision to leave the EU or is it too late?

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