Nigel Farage challenged Ruth Davidson to immigration debate

During his LBC show, ex-UKIP leader Farage challenged Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson to an immigration debates following comments she made in the Telegraph.

It all started when Ruth Davidson wrote an article calling on the Conservative party to have a sensible debate over the issue of immigration. Writing in the Telegraph, she also questioned the logic behind having a seemingly impossible target for gettting migration numbers down to the tens of thousands.

When the UK leaves the EU, assuming freedom of movement ends with the UK outside the single-market, the government will likely have new migration rules.

Following this, Nigel Farage appeared on his regular LBC show, and had some strong words for the charismatic Scottish Conservative leader. He questioned what kind of Conservative she really is and went on to say what he thought of her article.

Addressing Davidson's comments, he said that:

“She says it’s a matter of public trust that we get immigration right. You bet it is, Ruth Davidson, because the party that you represent - in 2010 in the general election, in 2015 in the general election, and in 2017 in this snap general election, in all three manifestos pledged to reduce net migration to tens of thousands a year. 13.5 million people voted for that just a few months ago, and now you want to overturn it without even referring back to them, and not being prepared to come on this show and debate with me, someone as you see as being on the wrong side of this argument, and I would say this is pretty poor."

He went on to say that:

“These fake conservatives let them [their voters] down every single time, and Ruth Davidson, that is exactly what you’re doing to 13.5 million conservative voters. You are treating their views, frankly, with contempt.”

During his show he tweeted, calling on Davidson to call in and debate him there and then. Davidson did not respond to his calls.

On his LBC show, he also debated about how democratic the EU is, and called for “sensible” controls on immigration.