7 former cabinet members still in the House of Commons

Political giants often leave the House of Commons soon after their time is up. Just look at David Cameron and George Osborne who left parliament within a year of leaving their top jobs. Others, like Nick Clegg, are kicked out come a new election. Here are seven former cabinet ministers still in the House of Commons.

Harriet Harman

Harman was a key figure in the New Labour governments, and was first elected as an MP back in 1982, meaning she has been an MP for thirty-five years. Under Blair and Brown, she served as House of Commons leader, Women and Equality Minister, amongst a number of other roles.

She has also served as leader of the opposition during the recent processes of Labour appointing new leaders.

Maraget Beckett

Becket has been an MP since 1983, and like Harman has also served as leader of the opposition during Labour leadership contests. During the last Labour government, she served as foreign secretary – the only woman to have ever held the role.

Nick Brown

Brown still kicks around, and was first elected in 1983. During the New Labour government, he served as Chief Whip, and Minister for the North East.

Ed Miliband

Miliband’s attempt to become prime minister in 2015 was a significant flop, however, this former Environment and Climate Change secretary remains in parliament to this day. After the election, the Telegraph even reported that Miliband could join Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

Hilary Benn

Hillary Benn has been an MP since 1999. He served in the cabinets of both Blair and Brown, first as International Development Secretary, then as Environment Secretary.

Kenneth Clarke

This political giant served in both Margaret Thatcher’s and John Major’s cabinets. He remains in the House of Commons, having retained his seat in the 2017 general election. He is now the Father of the House, showing just how long he has been around in British political life.

John Redwood

You might be surprised to know that this former Welsh secretary and two-time leadership contender is still hanging around the House of Commons. Despite once being a big political player, he has stuck to the back-benches since 2005.

He was first elected in 1987 – 30 years ago.

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